One of the many challenges Service Providers need to address in delivering profitable and scalable broadband services is the barriers presented by the Access and Edge Network. While most established incumbent vendors have offered optimized large scale solutions for the Core Network these are generally not optimized for the Access Network. Furthermore, the combinations and permutations of available network element functions, physical transport mediums available, multiple protocol support required and services-level definitions in the Access Network present a challenge for any single vendor solution to address completely. Therefore, Network Architects and Planners are faced with many choices of vendors and equipment that promise the solution required for the service.

Purpose-built equipment is generally the way to approach the challenge of the Access Network versus multi-purpose, big iron solutions. These offer granular capabilities with a cost structure that is commensurate with the revenue expectations of broadband service activations. Since no single manufacturer or vendor has a monopoly on the universe of purpose-built Access and Edge Network solutions that exist, our focus is to remain on top of this constantly evolving segment and seek out the best of breed for each purpose or service.

FONEX’s role is to ensure that we continuously provide our customers the right solution for each specific problem or desired objective. We do so by understanding the technical, operational and business requirements and by providing our customers access to a unique toolkit of best-of-breed solutions. With the knowledge of our portfolio of products, their strengths and limitations, combined with the telecom experience we have acquired over the years, FONEX has the unique ability to propose a number of right solutions within a range of cost vs. performance. This approach allows Network Architects and Planners to make informed architectural decisions and trade-offs, the results of which are typically:

  • To simplify the network architecture
  • To simplify the provisioning and on-going maintenance of the service(s)
  • To reduce the overall cost of delivering the service(s)
  • To leverage an existing infrastructure to offer the service(s) on a larger scale without sacrificing features or profitability of the service(s)

Allow FONEX to help you make an informed decision.

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